Dana Mendonca

Studied Digital Photography at London South Bank University - (Bachelor of Arts)

While at university, I became a co-researcher on a two-year project Tate Encounters: Britishness and Visual Culture at Tate Britain. I produced audio-visual work based on research and interactions with Tate's collections, published creative articles on Tate Britain's website and collaborated with other artists and anthropologists. The aim of the project was to develop new curatorial and educational perspectives relevant to wider and more culturally diverse audiences with the aim of establishing changes within the Museum and Galleries sector. This project culminated in series of exhibitions, interviews and discussions at Tate Britain.

After completing my studies I started working as an event photographer covering an array of events from live performances, charity functions, public ceremonies, art exhibitions, antiques fairs, to theatre plays, book signings and sporting events. I've been fortunate enough to cover events at some of the most iconic venues from Tower of London, London Eye and Westminster Cathedral, to Serpentine Sackler Gallery, Shakespeare's Globe and Trafalgar Square.

My love of animals brought me closer to portrait photography where I specialise in creating beautiful photos of beloved pets and their families. While outdoor shoots are without a doubt the most popular with my animal clients, studio portraits sessions capture timeless images that can be cherished for years to come.  I often shoot "on location" producing lifestyle photos documenting the beauty of the everyday. I also have a portable studio that can be set up in the comfort of your own home - perfect for those who want studio style photography but are too busy to travel.

My knowledge of studio photography expanded while working with the in-house photographer at First Base Imaging, the photographic arm of Saatchi & Saatchi, London. The work varied from production of images for advertising campaigns for clients such as LG, Cadbury and NatWest Bank to photographing products for e-commerce sites and book publications.

When working in the studio, I enjoy photographing a wide variety of subjects from live models and products to documenting private collections of art and antiques. The list of remarkable objects I photographed encompasses sculpture, paintings, rare coins, classic cars, musical instruments, period garments, fossils, jewellery, religious iconography, fine art photo archives and antique ivory carvings. I use creative lighting techniques in order to capture the audience's interest while bringing my “subject to life”.  

In my spare time, I organise charity events benefiting animal welfare organisations.





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